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July 17, 2008
Not Giving Up, Ever
Posted at 02:45 AM

(Stumped on the logo above. Help, people. Set me straight.)

WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME: Man, what a week. Chew on our “What We’ve Accomplished Up To 2:44pm on Thursday LIst” if you would, and you tell me if I’m a chump and need to get a new line of work.

Keep in mind, this is since “Monday, at around 8am or something…” Here goes:

01. Designed up 100 pages “of edit” for Snowboard magazine.
02. Designed up and handed off one Union Binding Company ad.
03. Designed up and handed off two Coal Headwear ads.
04. Watched over Lovejoy’s “Clipper’s Claw” with confident pride.
05. Thought up some new Field Notes stuff.
06. Dialed in the finer points of our “World’s Longest Yard Sale Adventure.”
07. Presented an identity to our friends at BPN across the river. Good work, fellas.
08. Maintained this half-ass blog thing.
09. Thought up the basics for the Union Binding Company web site.
10. Slept maybe 18 hours.
11. Shipped a ton of socks off into the world, to good customers.
12. Stayed free.
13. Stayed wild.
14. Wore pants maybe 20% of the time.

And there’s always Friday. Another day to go. This is how it works around here.

- - - -

FUTURA-SPOTTING: Wink in Minneapolis does a whole lotta things right. Here’s another thing they did that is really good.

- - - -

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN LEIGH DRAGS ME “OUT INTO PUBLIC: Cheers, motherfuckers! Lucky girl, eh?

And of course, what it looks like when I’ve had 14 mixed drinks, 2 beer bongs and a shot of lighter fluid…

Thanks, Cinco. We had a hell of a time, and congrats on the big ten.

- - - -


From Dick Stuck, Minneapolis, Minn., to his grandson Eric out in Portland,

“Eric, I got a very big kick out of the Hobo Soup you mounted on the web.

At the time I did that label, the originator of the soup, Lem Kaercher was in the state legislature. They happened to have a Saturday session when I took the finished art to Lem in the House of Representatives. He dropped everything and walked around and showed it to every one in the chambers. Forget the State’s business, let’s take care of the important business … a soup label.

It’s still the same label, and the soup is still in stores all over. I wish I were getting a percentage. I have an exhibit of my stuff at the Old Log Theater. No sales yet, but its only been up a week.

I really hope we can all get together again soon.

Love, Grandpa”

Best thing I’ve read all week. Hands down.

- - - -

A WHOLE LOTTA WAYNE: The Oklahoman interviews hometown hero, Wayne Coyne of the goddamn Flaming Lips. And man, the guy sure can talk. I interviews Wayne last September and can proudly attest to his ability to chew on a question, pull you out into the stratosphere, then, bring you right back down to Oklahoma, and, well, I just really appreciate his relentless energy, creativity and humility.

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What is the logo for? Am I missing something?

Posted by: Tim McGrath on 07/18/08 at 7:49 AM

found this link and remembered it on your blog.


Posted by: Streger on 09/12/08 at 4:52 PM
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