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July 27, 2008
Holding Steady, Alright
Posted at 08:25 AM


HECK YEAH: Today, all day, and tonight, ‘til pretty late, is “Hold Steady Day” on the DDC Factory Floor.

We’ll be at the show tonight downtown, pumping a fist or two, and possibly feeling a bit numb from a big ol’ golden buzz. Maybe not. Not promising anything.

Anthems, people. Rock and roll. Sing-a-longs. Chants. American kids. Keepin’ you young. “Whoa-ohhh-oh, whoa-ohhh-oh, Gotta stay positive…”

Their new long player has been on constant rotation for couple weeks now. Really digging it.

They were pretty much the highlight of last summer concerning, “Live music with people around you and all that.” I caught them at Bonnaroo in the 100 degree Civil War heat, with a bit of a backstage beer buzz and deathly need for shade. Their set that hot day was fucking perfect. Those of us who knew the songs were one mass, singing along with the band, and, well, everything good in the world. Just right. Good to be young.

So we’re going down to catch their live deal. Excited, even. Just, well, it “takes quite an act” to get me out of the house anymore. I’m done with the “band who goes through the motions” playing their set, maybe a couple lukewarm encores and on to the next city. I want to feel like it’s a spectacle, and, I belong to it, and whoever is up on stages belongs to us in the crowd. Energy, back and forth.

Dig them. We sure do. See you down there.

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Great post. I’ve enjoyed your comments thoroughly these past few weeks and, now, to devote a post to this band caps it.

I’ve seen them twice now and each show was better than the last. Great opening acts and awesome energy.

Hoping the show was a good one,

Posted by: Reuben on 07/29/08 at 4:08 AM

Saw them last week here is San Diego…Poetic Rock! We are all wondering if this was the last ‘small venue’ gig. We hope not!

Rock on.

Posted by: Marc Hedges on 08/04/08 at 9:56 PM
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