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May 31, 2008
The Kelso Run
Posted at 11:33 AM


Dale and I are headed up to Kelso today to scope out 5,000 records. Could be good, could be a bust, but, you just never know. We have an appointment and everything.

- - - -

How’d you spend your Friday night? Here’s what I did:

01. Mowed the front lawn.
02. Weed-whacked all the trouble spots.
03. Raked it all up, and gave the place a quick sweep.
04. Picked up the last of the Yard Sale’s aftermath.
05. Did the recycling and garbage. Always a battle to keep it smart.
06. Swept the whole house.
07. Vacuumed all the baseboards.
08. Did all the laundry. Everything.
09. Cleaned out the fridge.
10. Went grocery shopping.
11. Took some videos back. Er, DVDs.
12. Stocked the cubbards and fridge. Bring on the heat.
13. Walked over to my big tanker desk, stared at the pile of receipts and 1099s form the 2007 Fiscal Year, scratched my head, stood silent for a second, and walked away, turning the light off as I left the room.

The whole time, listening to Tom Waits’ Small Change from 1976 over and over again. But, more on that one later.

And that’s it. Big sense of accomplishment. My Friday night, spent getting it done around the ranch. Big night “in.”

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