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Draplin Design Co., North America


01. The hard-asses holding it down, downtown Grant’s Pass, Ore.”
02. “Bull Durham Snuff wall, Grants Pass, Ore.”
03. “Wonder Bur, Grants Pass, Ore.”
04. “It’s The Climate, as downtown as it gets, Grants Pass, Ore.”
05. “Shut-eye: Dale.”
06. “Shut-eye: Mark.”
07. “Daybreak on a lonely road in Mt. Shasta, Calif.”
08. “Guarding the coveted, “First To Arrive” slot.”
09. “A stern warning.”
10. “Getting fresh with the estate sale proprietress.”
11. “D, P & D Asset Relocators, Inc.”
12. “One big Shasta.”
13. “Dress/Hair/Eyes, Medford, Ore.”
14. “General Electric, Medford, Ore.”
15. “Metal Typer Thingamajig we had to leave behind, sadly.”
16. “Heathkit detail.”
17. “200 yards from greatness.”
18. “My fingers are crossed, Mr. Obama.”

- - - -

All kinds of beautiful industrial relics polished up and priced through the goddamn roof over at Get Back Inc. Argh.

And why we were there, snooping around: We need a couple stools for the shop. I took the time to log in so I could scope the prices, and man, let us warn you: You might not want to do that. It’ll break your hardworking heart. Just who the hell can afford an $18,000 “Adjustable Industrial Cast Iron & Glass Table Base?” So it goes.

- - - -

Get nasty in “always worth a visit” Reference Library’s saucy “XXX POSTERS AS FOUND ON EBAY (2002)” Flickr set.

Just what I need to get my morning off and running: An “Overdose of Degradation.”

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That stuff is amazing and amazingly expensive! WOW! Next time you come to Seattle you should stop by Space Oddity in Ballard. There’s not a ton of stuff but there are some great things that are not too expensive. His web site appears to be “in transition” but here is his MySpace. Todd, the proprietor, is a great guy.

Posted by: Tony on 05/13/08 at 1:20 PM

Have you tried your local university surplus department? Sometimes you can find real gems in the heaps of furniture they “surplus” on a monthly basis.

Posted by: Jonathon on 05/13/08 at 8:45 PM

Great pics. Looks like it was proper crusade.

Posted by: Huckleberry Hart on 05/17/08 at 8:29 AM
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