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What a weekend. So busy with domestic duties. Very proud of how much was accomplished. Many thanks to Leigh for putting up with it all, and working so hard on stuff. And to Dale too, for having a scary-ass black van to transport some shit to and fro.


01. Rented the tables. Lots of real estate to work with.
02. Finished the Craigslist posts, which start up late tonight.
03. Wrapped up the telelphone pole flyer, which go up Tuesday night.
04. Got the garage and basement cleaned out. (In case of a rain delay.)
05. Sorted some stuff that “we are done with” for the big sale.

Mom and dad fly in on wednesday, and man, we are pretty good with that.

- - - -

“DAYWRECKER” WARNING: Wait. No. I don’t know if you can handle this link.

You man enough? Are you strong in spirit? Are you self-employed so you can “call off the workday” to go through all this crap in this one? Are you “on the clock” and have to make excuses to explain why productivity just went to shit? Well, do what you gotta do, roll up the sleeves and dig into this one: Phantom Production’s staggering collection of Old Radio Catalogs.

This is all we needed to see.

Even their museum is great. Go take a walk around.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Don’t do it.

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