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Spent the better part of the morning cleaning out the garage. Battled a fair share of spiders, silverfish and noseeums. Broke down a mountain of boxes, chucked a bunch of crap, and singled out some possible “good deals” to be handed off next at the Yard Sale. Hot in that garage. The sweatiest undercarriage on 67th. Gross.

Special thanks to Dale for the use of his Death Van. Get some air conditioning in that thing, dog breath.

- - - -

This is how Portland welcomes Senator Obama: Wow!

Kinda got worked up over this one: Beautiful.

- - - -

A SONG I COULD LISTEN TO OVER AND OVER AND OVER: “Meeting Across The River” by the Boss off Born To Run. From 1975. I was 2 years old when this one came out.

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your such a young Gary…. yip yip

Posted by: styk on 05/22/08 at 8:00 PM
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