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Been a on pretty mellow Galaxie 500 kick the last couple days. Always loved the record cover above. From 1988, people.

- - - -

We’re down in Mt. Shasta, Calif. for the day. Quick up-and-down and mission. Mean estate sale going on, and it couldn’t be passed up: Jennie Krausse’s “History of Rock-n-Roll Estate Sale”

- - - -

Tyler Stout updates, and man, you gotta check out his latest pile of stuff. Really good.

- - - -

Lance Bangs doesn’t want you to get your rock gear stolen, so he made a little film about it. Lots of Portland rockers in there. Cool.

(+) ONE MORE: In fact, while you are there, you should watch every single one of those vids. So good. The Fred Armisen deal is filed under “YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS ONE” here on the DDC Factory Floor.

(+) EVEN ONE MORE: Oh yeah, and, you fucking have to watch the Thurston Moore “Ecstatic Peace Archives” three-fer. Get to work.

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