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February 11, 2008
Lost, In Way Too Many Ways
Posted at 04:43 PM


Leigh and I cracked open one hell of a can of worms this weekend. I watched my very first episode of Lost, and, well, some 14 episodes later, here’s my two cents on the motherfucker:

01. Sure, it’s fun.

02. The “model-esque” actors with their dashing good looks and shit is just annoying. Yawn. Gotta get past that, right? I wish they were more, uh, “regular looking” with weird teeth and pockmarks and love handles like the rest of us. Too much of a realist, I am.

03. The forced plots and subplots and subsubsubsubsubplots are just kinda, uh, wearing me out. I’m learning to feed off it.

04. Not more than two episodes into the thing, I found myself hoping the blond would die a horrible death, purely on her genetics. Weird.

05. I keep yelling, “Overacting!” way too much. C’mon, people, loosen up.

06. Who writes this shit? Crackdealers in another life. Damn it.


07. I think I am completely hooked. Fuck.

Nakamoto just told me Year two has 25 episodes. Great. There goes my spring.

- - - -

The Old Spice bodymetric stuff is up on AdCritic. Yikes.

But, let’s get something straight here, just in case things were ever to get weird. My contribution to the deal was simply the body/hair illustrations. W+K’s Matt Carroll thought the thing up, and, well, that’s the important part. There you go.

Pretty fun to see it up there though, and, can’t wait to see it out in the magazines and stuff.

- - - -

Records scored over the weekend:

01. Tad - 8-Way Santa (with the recalled cover and all!)
02. Rod Stewart - His first one, right after the Faces
03. Killdozer - God Hears The Pleas of the Innocent
04. Sugar - Copper Blue
05. R.E.M. - Chronic Town EP (the reissue, of course.)
06. R.E.M. - Green
07. Rank & File - Sundown
08. Butthole Surfers - Widowermaker EP

There Are 3 Comments

Thanks for the awesome work! I knew it needed exactly your style. Which is funny…maybe you could have a second career as an illustrator.

Great to see Leah is settling in. Warms my heart. Sounds like a Lifetime Movie. “Romancing the Blog”.

Posted by: MC on 02/12/08 at 6:41 PM

That Killdozer record is for me you won’t listen to that
c’mon whatcha say there champ?

Posted by: Mark Permanentfixture on 02/13/08 at 10:07 AM

Lost, too.

Posted by: rob on 02/14/08 at 8:39 AM
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