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January 19, 2008
Saturday, Back Home In Michigan
Posted at 11:11 AM


I’d like to extend a big, meaty “No thanks, for all the pain.” to the all the heartless employees of Northwest Airlines for the debacle last night. Five hours of gate changes, uninformed time games and dry, announcements. Where’s the humanity? Just tell us, “We don’t know, so, chill out.”

The flight from Portland to Minneapolis was perfect. Thank you. From Minneapolis to Traverse City is where shit got rough. First time for me, for that leg, after all these years. Not this time.

I was supposed to get in to TC at 9pm. Didn’t get in until close to 2am. So it goes. Both Leigh and dad picked me up, so that was awesome.

Gary is just as awesome as ever, and, with much solidarity we announce: All is right with the force. We are back together again.

It is so good to be home.

I’ve got no links to share, other than a couple sausage links that dad cooked up this morning, over breakfast. Heck yes.

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Welcome home man and thanks for bringing the Big Freeze with you!

Posted by: Amber on 01/19/08 at 5:31 PM
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