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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 08, 2008
Hot Air, Expelled
Posted at 10:41 PM


Gonna be talking about graphic arts up in Seattle next thursday. Pretty excited and nervous, and, surrounded by some talented ruffians! Come and check it out and let’s talk graphics.

I’ll be up there representing Portland, and the great state of Michigan. Yeah, those locales.

- - - -

I’ve got caucus fever! Thinking about New Hampshire. Thinking about Dabica. Thinking about their “Live Free or Die” thing that’s going on back there. And of course, thinking about Obama, and his momentum. Exciting shit. Anybody but Bush, anybody. Well, not Cheney. Or Rove. Or Wolfowitz. Or Condoleeza. Or…

- - - -

GIGANTICALLY RECOMMENDED VIEWING: Get over to the Grain Edit Flickr offering. Tons and tons of greatness.

This alone was worth the visit. Bravo. Thanks.

- - - -

Some kick-ass “illumunations” from Marius Watz.
Stared at these for a long time. Really nice.

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The Evo shop looks so incredibly sweet. Very stoked to see a shop that is taking a stand for the arts and is supporting the local scene.

Posted by: Dave Amirault on 01/08/08 at 9:17 PM
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