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December 28, 2007
Gary: Three
Posted at 04:22 PM


Today is Gary’s birthday, and man, how I miss that little hound dog.

What was supposed to be a “month back in Portland working on shit and back to grab him in Michigan in early December” has turned in to “seven weeks away from the little man until I can scoop him up in the middle of January.” At least I got to hang with him around Thanksgiving.

It’s been too long. I miss the little man real bad.

“Never leave a man behind.” I broke the cardinal rule, and oh my, how I’ve been paying the price for this discrepancy. Sure, he’s in good hands with Mom and Leigh, but, goddammit, this is his home, and, I gotta get him back here. And quick.

Hold steady, Gary, hold steady. Happy Birthday.

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Gah. I’ve four dogs of my own. I miss them terribly whenever I have to take a trip for a show.

I can’t imagine having to leave them behind for that long. Stay strong, Gary, and happy (belated) birthday.

Posted by: Ray on 01/01/08 at 1:54 PM

Looks like Gary’s doing what doxies do best: dig and chew until he gets that delicious polyester fiberfill :D

I hope you get to see each other soon. It’s dang hard being away from your wee ones.

Posted by: Lauren on 01/09/08 at 3:32 PM
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