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December 13, 2007
Rock-Solid, Reliable
Posted at 05:07 PM


Lovejoy reminds us that T26’s amazing CarType site has pretty much every logo ever put on a car. So good.

Our favorite car logo is that of the AMC. God, what beauties.

- - - -

SO GOOD, SO GROSS: The AMCyclopedia.

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Ron Boyle used to drive a brown Gremlin. And what a hunk of shit it was.

He was a senior and I was a junior and I’d catch rides with him over the to local Vo-Tech school. He had this monster black mullet, real thick and stuff. Of Filipino descent, if I remember correctly. Anyhoo, we’d drive that rustbucket over to TBA and I’ll be damned if I don’t remember that thing being the funnest part of the day.

If he got going too fast, there was a chance the windshield would sort of flip up some, and let the snowy air come flying in. That was a laugh. Plus, the floorboards were so rusted out, you could see the ground whizzing by. Another laugh. And to top it off, that motherfucker had the handling of that thing down to a science.

We’d be on our way back from TBA, and we’d turn down the street to our school and there’d be kids milling about, smoking cigs, chatting and walking to the local Dairy Queen. Simple times. I remember this one rainy day, and these big mud puddles collected on the side of the road.

And Ron makes that turn and picks up speed and sees this group of dames walking on the sidewalk…and he’d angle in towards the curb…and hit that mud puddle just right….and WHOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH!!!! This big, dirty spray of mudwater would kick up over that curb onto those harlots.

To this day, I crack up thinking about that shit. Dicks, we were.

Still are.

- - - -

Some symbols to “cultivate change.”
We dig.

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