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It’s Friday, and we welcome the weekend’s approach. Even though the phone calls will stop coming in, we’ll keep at it. Got some plans for a couple documentaries around town, maybe a couple meals out and about, and hell, maybe even a visit to Goo and Fran to meet little Remy. Fingers crossed.

- - - -

All the covers of No Depression.

- - - -

The packagaing cover I was talking about yesterday, in full. Thanks again, Jen and Jeff!

- - - -

LET’S GET TOPICAL FOR A SECOND: “Insulators” on stamps. (Thanks, Ben-O.)

- - - -

Campbell finds a link with a million penny postcards.

01, “Yes, they do.”
02. “Used to swim here when we were younglings.”
03. “Wish these guys hads spaces for rent.”
04. “On down to Oregon City.”

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Scott Hansen stuff, you’ve seen?


Posted by: JDog on 12/07/07 at 11:05 AM
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