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Draplin Design Co., North America


That’s how we do it: “Real Gross” and “Last Goddamn Minute” …

After maybe the roughest three weeks in a long, long time I freaked out and grabbed a ticket back home. Thanksgiving meals are not to be missed. Not being home last year didn’t sit too well with me, and I didn’t want to face another sad one too far from home. So I got a ticket and as I input these words, I’m high above Iowa or something getting ready to land in Chicago. So good.

- - - -


Mom, Dad, Sister Sarah, Sister Leah, Pretty Leigh, Gary Longfellow, breaths of fresh air, being home, Novembrrr snow, America, Freedom, opportunity, a good core temperature, that Portland homestead,
Big S and his heart of steel, DDC momentum, Field Notes momentum, that Martin D-35, the quadcore home rig, those dual 30-inchers, that bed, a DVD after a long day of clicking, whatever is on the stereo,

that backyard fence (Gary Corral), Futura Bold, Helvetica Bold, good water pressure, boxer shorts, a cold Coke, Pad Kee Mao from Chaba Thai, a slice of pizza from Bella Faccia, Lovejoy, Mark Phillips, little Pogo, Goo, Nakamoto, Rod, Jay Floyd, Kasshole, Brad Coal, George Union, Martino, Ryno, Hoss, Campbell, Derek, Bry, Baker, Nuñez, Basher, Lucky, Exile, the Portland Rain, every single day, every single

moment, Coudal and all those links and ideas, Orange 021, Silver 877, Apple products, that new batch of DDC action caps, the flat Midwest, that Minneapolis skyline, that Chicago skyline, living econo, staying out of the red, DDC merch customers, that Aeron captain’s chair, driving across the nation, being safe on the road, a good night’s sleep, a late night, that thin spot up above, my Redwing boots, Coast to Coast

after midnight, This American Life, fall foliage, the goddam Flaming Lips, Todd Trainer, items “Made In The U.S.A.â€, a strong summer on the books, Coal Headwear, Union Binding Company, Snowboard
Magazine, SMP crew in Boulder, documentaries, bacon, a cold slug of water, that drum set, that big fridge, anything pesto, pumpkin pie, the

Great Lakes, the Coen Brothers, Cormac McCarthy, that 30D that doesn’t get used enough, the SD 750 DigiElph, the new Volvo X70 coming in January, Readymade magazine, the cool houses in Dwell with all the clean lines, my aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbor Chuck for watching over the homestead, design colleagues, layer tennis and you.

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