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November 08, 2007
Officially "Killdozer Day"
Posted at 12:29 PM


Killdozer. Great name, great name. Madison, Wisconsin!

When I think Wisconsin, I think: Violent Femmes, a couple Promise Ring albums and a Crucifucks album cover, but those fucks weren’t from Wisconsin.

Nevertheless, today is “Killdozer Day” on the DDC Factory Floor. To get through this goddamned Coal catalog, we’re having to dig wayyy deep into the old shit we used to listen to.

Yer assignment: Turn “Daddy’s Boy” all the way up a couple times today. We did, fuckers.

- - - -

Eric Campbell’s Tandem has a little spot on YouTube. I was the “best man” in his wedding. Poor guy. Sorry for any disappointment.

- - - -

A mountain of new DDC Trucker Caps showed up.
I hate that term, “trucker cap” but, it best describes what the deal is. Expect a full report as soon as time allows. For now, think about this: two new colorways, updated patches, two sizes in the Carhartt color and absolutely made in America. From Iowa. Heck yes.

- - - -

Flags of the world. Yikes. Scary shit.

- - - -

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Did not expect to find a little hats-off to THIS band today. But glad I did. I’m going to dig their records out of the closet right now. Thanks.

Posted by: Michelle on 11/08/07 at 11:40 PM

Killdozer is also a really, really bad B TV movie from the 70’s about a killer bulldozer. My dad extolled upon this movie for years (I think this is because he is a diesel mechanic and has a love for anything with hulking gears). I scraped the bowels of the internet and found it for him last Christmas. You really should see the awesome terribleness of this movie for yourself!

Posted by: Amber on 11/09/07 at 12:37 PM
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