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November 02, 2007
Friday, And We Aren't Smiling
Posted at 12:27 AM


Well, throw out the fun part of getting home, and starting over, and feeling glad to be around everyone, and all that bullshit. It’s time to get mean, time to get focused. Yeah, and time to cuss.

That’s how we do it when we get busy. You know, talking in third person on here and shit. Weird.

- - - -

So bummed I didn’t go to this.

I was only 540 miles away when it went down. Damn. Next Hallloween.

Wayne talks about the possibility of people getting set on fire and stuff.

- - - -

Wayne does the weather in Oklahoma City.

- - - -

A hell of a store, right here in Portland: Canoe.

- - - -

“Retirement is a bad word around here.”

- - - -

Saw this one last night and got mixed up real bad.

- - - -

MADE IN THE U.S.A.: Pointer Brand. Since 1913!

- - - -

A note of thanks to everyone who bought a DDC t-shirt over the last month: We appreciate yer business!

And to everyone who bought one in the last week: A bunch shipped yesterday, so, sit tight and let the USPS do their good work. Thanks!

There is One Comment

So i saw your TR graphic up close and personal this weekend at the ski show. Just wanted to say it’s better in person than i had imagined. Clean, and subtle, yet provacative, something you could stand on for a couple years and not get sick of looking at. Well done!

Posted by: Chuck Pearce on 11/05/07 at 12:29 PM
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