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Many, many thanks for all the birthday wishes in the comments section, on the email and on the iPhone. Awesome.

I should clarify yesterday’s comment request some: I want to know who’s out there. Tell me what you do. Tell me where you live. Tell me how shit’s going. I mean, I don’t know the bulk of you reading this stuff personally, but always want to get an idea of who’s coming here, and what you dig. That was the basis of my request yesterday. Thanks to everyone who emailed or posted a comment. Quite a range of greatness.

I’ve been at this “blog stuff” for some time now. What started with some simple monthly emails turned into a “every couple days here and there” kinda thing back in 2000. We’ve been “daily” or, “something posted each day” for a couple good years now. Real proud of that.

A couple years back Cameron set up a little thingie to track my numbers and in no time, my mind was blown. I mean, I do this crap for the simple reason of sharing stuff with friends and colleagues. I read a good 25 blogs daily, which, is just plain fucked when you think about how much time that takes up. But, that’s my battle, and I love it. Thank you, all of you, for reading, posting, and giving me a reason to seek you out and dig on yer sites too. The internet. Quite a joint.

- - - -

Yesterday, quite frankly, was one of my best birthdays to date. A list:

01. Sleeping in.
02. Lunch at Sleder’s with Leigh. Burgers, chili and Cokes.
03. A haircut at BoTangles on 14th street, just like back in 1987.
04. A look at the new Volvos across town.
05. A quick stop in at the Library and some good words with the ever-amazing Joan Oswald. The best.
06. A drive past my old house on Deerfield Lane.
07. A couple episodes of Little People Big World, studying TLC’s deal. Wholesome.
08. Dinner at Minerva’s with Mom, Dad, Leigh and Ewan. Mmmm!
09. Cake and Ice Cream at the house with everyone.
10. Michael Clayton at the theater by the outlet mall. Thumbs up.

Birthdaze action, and, man, it was amazing. Best day of this fall tour. Hands down, folks. Thank you to Leigh. Thank you to mom and dad.

- - - -

I had this t-shirt a long, long time ago, and man, I miss it. One of my favorite band t-shirts of all damn time.

- - - -

Penciltalk. Some great words on pencils through and through.

- - - -

Spent a little time at Dave’s Web Shop checking out old radio catalogs.

Tons of Heath Heathkit radio catalogs.

Wow and heck yeah. Thanks, Dave.

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You asked… Web/Photo/Design. Found you through Snowboard-mag, Grenade, and most recently Field Notes. Your work is a different world than the LA tech-giant world I’m in now. I’m still trying to figure out how to get out on the road (more) and design some stuff I like to pay the bills. Check out the goods: NateSiggard.com

Posted by: Nate on 10/16/07 at 1:51 PM

Happy Belated Birthday! I meant to reply to your request yesterday but got wrapped up in the grind that is work.

I’m Chris from Seattle, I am a designer up here and do some work for the Snow Industry and that’s more or less how I stumbled onto your site.

You got a great site here buddy, good clean fun. Gary has just about inspired me to find my own G-Unit, rad little dog.

Thanks for the Field Notes, never thought I would get so amped over a notebook and pencil. God bless it.

Posted by: Chris on 10/16/07 at 3:38 PM

Happy late birthday!

Posted by: PruVecchias on 10/16/07 at 4:25 PM

Hey man happy belated birthday.

Since you asked nicely, I’m a graphic designer from the east coast of australia and I’ve been checking out your blogs for the past year after finding this gem linked on another blog site.

You’ve put me onto a few awesome sites and helped fuel my love of the mid west.

Keep up the amazing work, it’s greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Dave on 10/16/07 at 5:07 PM
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