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Rolling up the sleeves today on the fourth issue of Snowboard magazine. The December issue. It’s gonna be a good one, shredders.

- - - -

Cam Spawn!: Cameron and Bonnie have a baby! Introducing: Amelia Rose Barrett. So good. Congrats, man.

Cam had this to say about the new arrival, “Babies rock.” Damn straight. Cycle of life stuff.

- - - -

Listening to lots of Battles, while I battle the pages of the magazine. All-out war.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Micah from Utility talks up Field Notes, and are hearts fill with pride: The Necessary Tool.

- - - -

Media Knievel digs up a story on the closing of Seattle’s infamous Boeing Surplus store. Say it isn’t so, man.

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Battles, eh, you cacksuker. I remember playing that shit in your car about two runs ago and you immediately called it “bling blip” or whatever, and you made me shut it off.


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