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October 31, 2007
Home, Safe And Sound
Posted at 11:53 AM


Left Salt Lake that fateful night at 8pm. Drove as far as I could, across the dark Idaho night, crossing over into Oregon really, really late. I made it some 70 miles into my state, and pulled over and passed out in a little Oregon Trail reststop. Simple, really.

Slept for five hours and woke up to a cold morning. Frost on the windows. Frost on my eyelids. The only thing that saved me was my steadfast inner core temperature. Phew. Thanks.

Pulled into Portland a little after the noon hour, kissing my doorstep moments after.

It’s good to be home.

- - - -

Not one trick-or-treater hit the house last night. We waited as long as we could, just past dusk and threw the towel in on it all and went and saw the King of Kong at the Laurelhurst.

Here’s what I like about the Laurelhurst:

01. That sign. Reason enough to go.
02. Cheap cokes, cheap pizza, cheap popcorn.
03. The theaters smell like either: Olives, puke, stale beer or “bum sex” as Kass said. You choose.

Our favorite theater in town. That Hollywood comes in 2nd.

- - - -

Go over to the CSA Archive and do a search for “Halloween”, and get freaked out. The best retro stock resource going. Really.

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