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Out of Worthington, and into the very northwestern corner of Iowa, on down Highway 61 to the small town of Orange City, Iowa. I had a little business to tend to there at the Legend Manufacturing hat company. I’ve in the midst of signing off on a monster run of DDC Trucker Caps. Sold out of my first run, finally. Some new colors coming this time, too. Pretty excited.

I met my Legend rep Donna and I okay’d the deal, and look forward to a mountain of hats showing up in Portland in a couple weeks. Pretty excited.

I got the hell out of Orange City and crossed over into the very southwestern corner of South Dakota for just a couple miles, and into

- - - -

What 1942 looked like.

It’s amazing how real the “olden days” suddenly feel. I’ve been tainted by a lifetime of grainy black and white, and to see those year of long ago in their Kodakhrome glory is just so amazing.

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