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The stretch from Madison to Minneapolis whipped by in a blur. 270 miles, just like that. Not much to report out there. One of these summers, I gotta do a little time in the Dells. Maybe.

Into Minneapolis, and right over to Ryno’s new & improved bungalo of domesic tranquility, order and style. Gone are the days of pawnshop-like displays, questionable bedding options and every kind of Grainbelt knick knack worth wondering about. Kinda miss it. See, Ryno met a Sara, and she rescued him from a life of wildness and chaos. And, I’m here to report, their place is really, really nice and he should be proud to have her in his life. Lucky guy.

We caught up on all things music, work and life. Just move to Portland and get it over with, kids. You’ll feel a lot better when you do.

We had a good supper of brick-fired pizza, then ended out the night listening to Sara spin records at a little bar on Washington Avenue, down by those amazing warehouse buildings.

Got back to Ryno’s and hit the sack, missing Leigh and Gary real bad.

I’m always gonna dig Minneapolis. Still think about this town all the time.

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