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Draplin Design Co., North America



With the Southwestern lull behind us, we push on into new territory.

Battles on the radar:
01. Upcoming Coal Headwear catalogs.
02. Upcoming Union Binding Company catalogs.
03. Developing the upcoming Field Notes web site.
04. Shaking sticks at Field Notes special projects.
05. Getting my ass back to Portland in one piece.
06. Hitting Minneapolis for a couple days. Ryno! Baugh!
07. Signing off on monster run of DDC “Factory Floor Issue Trucker Caps.”
08. Shipping T-shirts. Thanks, y’all!
09. Finalizing art on our very first key chain promo piece. So good.
10. Oh yeah, and maintaining the daily needs of client stuff. That too.

- - - -

Hey Coudal, make some room in that MoOM, man: Here’s a contender: The Pojman Pocket Protector Collection. Holy fuck. Life is good, life is good.

Get a load of some of the characters who “run” these things: “The Fashion Accessory for the new Millenium.” (Oh yeah, Evan Rose turned my world upside down with this one. Thanks.)

- - - -

Portland’s very own Pinball Publishing gets a blog thing going called, “Coin Op.” Another daily stop for the DDC. Good, good people here. Heck yes.

- - - -

Hoss punches in for his country to promote Dennis Kucinich for President. Really good. Fuck yeah, Hoss. I dig.

And check out the poster he did… Always good.

I’ve been wrastling with ways to engage this upcoming election. Oregon will go blue again, hopefully, so, my vote will work out there, but, what can I do to help further the chance of getting someone “good” into office? Watching that Nader documentary fucked me up real good a couple days back. Suddenly, no one in the running sounded good. Funny how it all works in the thinker.

I just want to see someone get in there who’ll do some good, for a change. My hope.

- - - -

Fight Litter with Pride. We do. We try. (Via the amazing Roadside Pictures.)

- - - -

The old General Foods logo. (Once again, via the amazing Roadside Pictures.)

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Happy belated Birthday! Today is my b-day! Oh-Yeah! I check yer blog every now and then to see what goodness is going on. About Me? I am a graphic designer at a little’ole place that sells the stuff you design for the snowboard world. Maybe our paths will cross one day. Adios, from Chicago.

Posted by: Eric Dunlap on 10/17/07 at 10:20 AM

Thanks for the link!!

Posted by: Ashley Edwards on 10/18/07 at 3:28 PM

Oh, and happy belated birthday! 34 seems like a charmed number.

Posted by: Ashley Edwards on 10/19/07 at 9:42 AM
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