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Back from my big weekend in Santa Fe.

A flight from Albuquerque to Denver. Then a flight from Denver to Chicago. Then a flight up to coast from Chicago to Traverse City. We left New Mexico at 6am. Real early in the morning. Got back to Traverse City by 4pm. This kind of travel still blows my mind.

It was a great weekend. Beautiful country, big meals, good people, inspiring artists and a chance to tell my story to some folks.

Thank you to Naomi, Carol and Barbara. With extra special thanks to Andrew Campos for a great opportunity.

And, of course, to Leigh. Thanks for going out there with me.

- - - -

Here’s what I learned about Santa Fe, about Albuquerque, and New Mexico in general:

01. There is a gigantic fine arts scene in Santa Fe. And with it, some politics. Hats off to the good people challenging the status quo there. We got a little taste of some of the new youngbloods giving the rich-ass baby boomers a run for their money.

02. New Mexico is about culture clash, from so many angles. Way back when, the Spaniards came “up the river” and confronted the Native Americans. Then the Pioneers came and confronted them. A fascinating history that still resonates everywhere in that little town. The roads still mimic the same old layout of the roads from when the town began.

03. It’s hard to get across town in Santa Fe. I had to really pay attention. Tight, winding roads. Daydreaming downtown shoppers walking right out in front of ya. Hoards of golden oldies. Man, we got lost.

04. There a constant battle there with the “old ways” and the “new ways.” A vibrant battle.

05. Native American culture is respected in a way that gave me hope. It’s a big part of the state’s identity, like it should be.

06. Those Shins are originally from Albuquerque.

07. “Cerrillos Avenue” is the answer to pretty much everything in that town.

08. Georgia O’Keeffe was quite a gal. Her museum was beautiful.

09. Turquoise this and turquoise that. Lots of orange. Lots of sea-foam green.

10. We counted no less than 643 Kokopellis. Really.

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that’s highway 14 from Santa Fe & Madrid, on the way to the airport…you took the mountain road?

Posted by: Terri on 10/16/07 at 12:28 AM

Hey thanks for visiting us out here! The talk was great but we need way more of your time. Drop me a line if you get a chance.

Posted by: Roy on 10/18/07 at 9:38 AM
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