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“When it comes to music, the most powerful thing is to be honest. I realized that I had nothing to lose by telling the truth. “

A whole bunch of Wayne Coyne quotes to get the week going. So good.

- - - - -

Tomorrow is the beginning of “Leigh Week” on the DDC Factory Floor, so, that means that we’re shutting things down for a couple days. Gimme a break, alright?

- - - -

Been wearing out those Hold Steady anthems all day. By far, the funnest show of the summer. By far. I sang along at the top of my lungs in 100+ degree Bonnaroo death heat. Ya just felt like they cared. Thanks, fellas.

- - - -

American Diners for sale, diner history and diner resources: The American Diner Museum. (via the black coffee chuggers of Coudal Partners.)

- - - -

REQUIRED VIEWING: Dave England checked in today and sent me a little link to a little creation he and Ross Angeles made. Great, great and great.

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