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Draplin Design Co., North America


Chloe sent in a link that is full of greatness and wonder, well, we had to take a little break after clicking around through it: The Crow River Trading Company.

I mean, c’mon that sort of “SOLD” over the image is just plain unfair.

Some of their pressure sensitive decals.

And this is where we about lost it
. So good.

And tons of awesome parts images.

Dad’s got one of these back home.

- - - -

A fascinating photography project down on the border. Human beings, with human needs, crossing over.

Our thoughts on the illegal immigrant “problem”: Simply enough, a diversionary issue to distract us, just long enough to forget about the real problems in this country like health care and education, or, to keep the war machine chugging along, somewhere. People will find a way in. Instead of us turning folks back, let’s open the doors and promote education, health, goodwill and opportunity. There is so much to go around, so much to share in this land. (Link sent in by DrewDC.)

I saw a documentary about the so-called “Minutemen” on the border. Pathetic. A handful of lonely, middle-aged, washed up, wannabe military buffs with Walmart walkie-talkies, “patrolling” the border down there harassing suffering people with blaring music, spotlights and racial slurs. Patriots, eh?

Humans, suffering, and they deserve just as much as we do.

- - - -

Vans gets in a brawl with Carhartt. The black soles kill me, but, interesting battle, nevertheless. (Courtesy of Fank, on Vashon Island.)

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vans x carhartt - I’m there, esp. for the chuka. cab is my skate shoe of choice even today, but I need leather…

Posted by: jim on 07/08/07 at 9:03 AM
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