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June 21, 2007
Posted at 09:59 PM


Longest Day of the Year: A beautiful summer day in Traverse City, Michigan.

Had lunch with Leigh, Ewan, Mom, Dad, Courtney, Jon and Courtney’s neice at Don’s Drive In on the Bay. Still burping that one up.

Even made it out to the annual Lichtyland “Longest Day of the Year” party at, well, Lichtyland. Leon and Linda: Two of Traverse City’s finest. Their 32nd year having the get-together.

- - - -

Burp/Vroom: Roadfood.com.

- - - -

Andy’s Reference Library: Bates, Livonia.

- - - -

Even got some work done today, too. How about that? Even with all this summer fun, romancing of Leigh, time spent comatose on the parent’s couch, I’m still managing to get shit done and keep the clients at bay. The DDC Mobile Command Unit: Lethal.

- - - -

REQUIRED VIEWING: From the Lewman, way out in Oregon: A scary, foggy abandonned amusment park somewhere. Yikes. Real rickety.

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That amusement park is in a town called Yubari, on the north end of the northern island of Japan up near Russia. They’re famous for being the first of what will be many entire cities to go bankrupt. Here’s an article that kinda bummed me out - stupid old men making stupid decisions the rest of us pay for: http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/01/25/news/japan.php?page=1


Posted by: DB on 06/22/07 at 12:33 AM

Sorry i didn’t make over to the party to catch ya

Posted by: Bry on 06/27/07 at 10:20 PM
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