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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 28, 2007
A New Start, Digitally
Posted at 11:56 PM


Still sad from losing our trusty DigiElph 630, and we trudged over to Target and settled a new DigiElph 750. Feeling a little better about it all, finally. This fucker’s got a ton of new features, so, we’re fired up about that, and will be burning some serious pixels all summer long. Gu-aaron-teed.

The shot above is simply titled, “100-0001” as, it’s the first shot “out of the box” with the new DigiElph 750. There you have it.

- - - -

All this talk about Coal the last couple days, and, well, they get some press. Written by the elusive Jennifer Sherowski, of all people: “We’re making things we want to wear.”

- - - -

On the way out of Seattle I got hoodwinked into dinner with Arlie and Tamarra. Let us confuse you: Arlie is from Seattle but lives in Los Angeles. Tamarra is from England and Iraq but lives in New York City. Arlie and Tamarra are an item, coast to coast.
Tamarra and the DDC just finished up a logo, over the phone from Portland to New York City. Lots of connectivity.

We met at a little I-talian joint in Montlake. Tamarra had the lasagna. IArlie horked down the vegetable gnochhi. I wolfed down the penne with meatballs. Thank you for dinner, and it was great to see ya.

- - - -

Creepy old historical plates and illustrations. (Via the MCAD power of Crack la Rock.)

- - - -

REQUIRED VIEWING: Helvetia Stamps, courtesy of AceJet170.

- - - -

A tunnel house. Hmmm. (Thanks, Andrew.)

There is One Comment

Milo and I were just checking out your post and he said (of Gary’s pic), “What’s that?”, and I said “That’s Gary, remember him?” Then he says, “Is he standing like a human? He can’t stand like a human, Mom, he can’t! Cause he’s very a dog! He can’t do it, Mom!”
Hope you’re well.

Posted by: sb on 06/29/07 at 1:23 PM
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