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I can’t remember where I found this, and, some credit should be give to whoever snapped the shot fo these amazing little icons, so, here goes: “Photo by Someone Great.”

- - - -

Been working all weekend. Knocking shit out before I head home to see a gal by the name of “Leigh” and mom and dad.

Robbie Benson was in town, up from Bend for a couple days, and helped me with a little shelf unit for the new workbench. Pretty excited about that one. Many thanks for the craftsmanship.

- - - -

Once the work day is done, Gary and I walk over to the park to throw the ball around. But then again, you already know that.

Then, when the lights go down, we saddle up on the barcaloungers to watch movies. Here’s what we tore into this weekend:

01. Old Joy - Did I miss something? Slow-moving and calm and close to home. Filmed in and around Portland. Will Oldham is so full of mystery and just makes ya squirm. So beardy. It was like going hiking, only, in a barcalounger, in my living room. The strain between them was so subtle, I almost missed it. It was just barely there, and, well, that’s kinda how it goes in the real world. So, bravo. It was cool to see T.G. Firestone’s credit on the big screen, if anything. Cool, man.

02. Who The Fuck Is Jackson Pollack? - A gruff old longhaul trucker lady finds a Jackson Pollock in a thrift store and goes to battle against the incredibly pretentious and incestuous art world. Pretty interesting journey for that old dame. No respect from the so-called “experts” in the art world.

03. Children of Men - Just left me feeling really down about the world, for whateve reason. Real uplifting. Fuck.

- - - -

On the docket for later on tonight: Babel.

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Children of Men is a goddamn laugh riot compared to Babel.

Posted by: myhandsarecoveredinblisters on 06/10/07 at 7:18 PM

Oh, Babel will bring your spirits right back up.

Posted by: Mr. Glass on 06/10/07 at 10:40 PM
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