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The new door is in. Looking really, really good. So happy with it. Secure as hell.

Here’s the beast they hauled away. “Seen better days.”

- - - -

A really nice look at Wisconsin through the eyes of Mark Brautigam.
(Via our Midwestern brothers and sisters at Coudal.com)

- - - -

Power struggles, visually, from the Wikipedia battlefields. Really beautiful.

- - - -

Orange. Our favorite color the last couple years. Get a load of these color studies. Impressive collections. (Thanks, J!)

- - - -

Kinda cool: A box made out of old hockey sticks.Seems a little steep in the price department, but, a pretty good idea. I love the type on those sticks. Always have.

- - - -

J’s TV. Hmmm.

There is One Comment

great wisconsin shots. some big part of my heart is still there.

Posted by: morse on 06/09/07 at 9:56 PM
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