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BIG DAY OUT: Went down to the Lov.li Craft Fair today with Chloe. Lots of good stuff to check out. It was cool to see all the kids with good ideas, and, with the guts to make their own shit. The way it oughta be.

I got down and dirty with Superphoebe and we discussed a specially-commissioned, “spare no expense” Superphoebe slide lampshade lamp. Pretty fired up about this one. I’ve got a mountain of old slides and want to put them to good use. Here’s my chance. Awesome.

Melissa Marie Okins-Lefevre was set up next to Phoebe, and, for all of ya who might not know it, well, I used to be tangled up with this gal. For a number of years, back in my wild-ass late 20’s. She’s married up to a good Michigan lad named, “Michael” here in Portland and they make rock guitar straps and messenger bags. Pretty cool.

- - - -

One of my Portland faves, Martin Ontiveros, was down at the fair too. Great, great stuff. Some more Martin to check out. Bravo. While we’re at it, some more Martin.

- - - -

Bwana Spoons, motherfuckers! Got a handshake this afternoon at the fair. Nice fella, with a kick-ass name and great work. Get in there and dig his stuff. Great color and lines and fun and humor. And hell, anyone who’s down with Dave Wien, well, I am down with. I love that kid.

- - - -

Been spending lots of time at the park with the little man. Standing around in the grass watching a little dachshund run his little ass off. A spectacle of nature and life. Something to see.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Somewhere in Portland, on cold, hard cement, sits 10,000 Field Notes. 10,000. Real Good.

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