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May 13, 2007
The Weekend's Greatest Hits
Posted at 11:57 PM


Had a good weekend, but, am a little under the weather or something. Lovejoy is feeling it too. Lots of germs to be shared around here.

Some photos from the weekend:

A present in the mail from the ever-awesome Kellie Talbot up in Seattle…

01. “A painting, of a neon “A” letter.” Pretty amazing.
02. “Signed, sealed and delivered.”

Down to Oregon City with Kass and Mark Phillips…

03. “That wild elevator downtown.”
04. “On the way up.”
05. “Looking down over the city.”

Made out like bandits at the Red, White and Blue thrift store in Milwaukie. Mark got a bike. I got a pair of Carhartt pants. Kass got, well, a mountain of shit.

06. “Kass and another shopping cart full of treasures for his empire.”
07. “Kass got a time capsule.” Gary-Approvedâ„¢.
08. “Filled by a Kasshole in 2007, opened by some Kasshole descendent in 2107.”

Some stuff that caught our eye..

09. “Vinylite.”
10. “The eternal flame.”
11. “Phone numbers on a supporting beam in a junk store south of Portland.”

Downtown to see some Thrones…

12. “Mark spinning an old Hammerhead song, before the Throne-age.”
13. “A Throne, screaming like a banshee.”
14. “A Throne, deep in the low end, rattling fillings.”

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