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Draplin Design Co., North America


Saw this rolling plywood supply shelf thing over at Andy Beach’s growing Reference Library. It was built by the “desert modernist” Albert Frey and has been on my mind for some time now. There’s just something about it that is, well, great.

Some more Albert Frey to dig on.

- - - -

The basement studio refurb is just about complete. Just a couple more floor tiles to put in place, some vacuuming and then the migration of the desks, computers, books, archives and trinkets will start. Poor Lovejoy. He’ll be lugging it all down there. If I were him, I’d hate me. Something like that. The kid is pretty resilient and has no problem pushing some dirt around back, or making a logo. A good set of skills.

Ordered a new machine a couple days back. Instead of trading the sucker in, we’re gonna hang on to the tower we have been using since August of 2005, when the hard drive shit out and we almost lost everything. Usually, I trade my old machine in on the new one. Not this time. Gonna keep it around as our first “work station” for visiting clients and Lovejoy. 23-incher monitor, good machine, all connected up to the main rig I’m working on. Progress.

Plus, we settled another 30-incher monitor, so, we’ll gonna be running dual 30-incher beast. Heck yeah. More real estate the better, man. You know, motherfucker’s gotta have his iTunes window accessible and email window accessible and all that. Wow, this whole thing, what a blessing. All of it. So thankful.

- - - -

Booked a bunch of flights for some family and friends from Traverse City. They are coming out in a couple weeks for a soon-to-be-announced DDC Get-Together. Stay tuned.

- - - -

Dave Nakamoto made a little Gary stamp, because of his love for the little man.

- - - -

Dan Connor, of, well, a Portland street as he zips by on his road bike, pulled off to a curb a snippet of his new wild-ass chest tattoo. Kick fuckin’ ass.

- - - -

Lolley from Louisville has the cutest little wrists you’ve ever laid eyes on, but, fellas, be warned, those fuckers pack a mean punch. Really. Thanks, Hoss.

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8 Core sled with dual 30 inch displays… Jesus, Aaron. Please tell me you’re going to slam 16 gigs of ram into that pig just for shits and giggles.

Posted by: Digital Dave on 05/09/07 at 2:48 PM
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