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Had a chat with a reputable ex-policeman today just to go over the details of “keeping order” and “getting bailed out of jail.” for the big deal on Saturday. See you there, and, don’t start any trouble.

- - - -


Jared sends us this one, and we get real fired up about it. Thanks.

I just can’t get enough of the Otl Aicher dachshund stuff, and, Munich Olympics identity in general. So good. I can’t help but look around at the big world‚€””graphically” of course‚€”and think, “Where’d we go wrong?” Otl, save us.

Kinda related: Erik Spiekermann fights back.

- - - -

Got the new range installed today. Very nice. Very thankful. Now I have the “matchin’ set” with my big fridge, and, more importantly, don’t have to fret burning down the fucking place with that death-ass-heatgiver-of-an-oven I had before. Hopefully, no more screaming smoke alarms. Hopefully. No more stripped controls and rampant bacteria. Not a good mix. Out with the old, in with the new. Bring on the hearty meals.

- - - -

J2 got me all fired up about Miele products. Really, really nice stuff. German engineering, man. Kinda hard ot beat. I mean, hell, that’s a pretty good looking thing to wash clothes in, man.

- - - -

Hands down, some of the greatest graphic art, ever: A stamp collection on Flickr.

Click this, now: So good. And then, die and go to heaven, or, just, hit British Columbia.

- - - -

Why Europe has got us beat, graphically.

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