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BIG DAY OUT: Had great morning junkin’ with Mark Phillips and Kass. Went way down to Oregon City to rescue some items from some of the shops there. Not too many were open, frustratingly, as it was 11am on a Saturday morning. Horseshit.

Picked up an amazing Cincinnati timeclock for all DDC Factory Floor employees to punch in to. “Slaves to the clock.” Indeed. The thing seemed to be working okay in the junk shop I bought it from, but, now it seems to be keeping about a two minutes to each real minute. Hmmm. A way to slow shit down, maybe? It’s built like a tank, and will be a nice addition to a wall around here somewhere.

I’ve wanted one of these for some time now.

Here’s a contemporary version of it. Not as cool as the one I rescued. Anyone know where I might get one of these repaired around town?

- - - -

Check out some wild tube clocks from places far away.

- - - -

BIG NIGHT OUT: Went down to Satyricon last night with Lovejoy to listen to some tunes. Mark Phillips was spinning records, and the Thrones were headlining the mainroom. A little bit about Joe Preston and his Thrones: Burly. Inner core rumbles. Middle earth seismic activity.

I put a couple links to the guy here, wishing for the sort of beardy majesty he exudes. The guy just might have the best beard I have EVER seen. Sorry dad, he’s got you beat.

The Thrones are loud. At one point, I felt a little wobbly, and it wasn’t the cold bottle of PBR I was sipping. It was the intensity of the sound…the core-pulverizing low end of his bass assault. I was in shorts, cuz, you know, it’s almost summer, and, I could feel the hair on my legs twitching from the power of the soundwaves. They were itchy cuz the noise was twitching them, or something. Wild. I bought a pair of earplugs, but said “fuck it” and just went natural, and let that big, hairy sound soak way into my thinker. Ouch.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Field Notes partner Jim Coudal, looking pretty sinister down in Austin. Photo by Naz, way back in Chicago. Bravo, brother.

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ive been on a thrones tear lately myself — regular donning of hand throwing the horns band tshirt and all.

“day late, dollar short” is one of my favorite full albums ever — an epic chronicle of loud and evil musical genius, tried and true!

im sure you’re way ahead of me on this one, but silver jews’ “american water” is highly recommended for summer listening. no matter how many times i play it, it never gets old. there’s supposed to be a pretty good documentary about them floating around THE INDIE CIRCUIT, as well.

Posted by: rcotton on 05/13/07 at 6:38 PM

Wild! After reading this post I put in Sopranos, 5th season, episode 6 and, first scene, big Tony’s cousin Tony Blundetto clocks in at the laundry using the green acroprint time clock!

Posted by: Michelle on 05/13/07 at 10:37 PM

Passed through PDX this weekend on the way back to Tokyo - real nice place. On the way I was amusing myself imagining how cool it would be if it was like Burnside - DIY concrete terminals, gnarly local pilots, roaming pit bulls, broken bottles strewn about, etc. Alas, no. Bought a magazine and a Quizno and that was it. Maybe next time.

Posted by: DB on 05/14/07 at 2:38 AM
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