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Got a ton of stuff done this week. A ton. Real proud of all the energy around the house, on the house, and with the workload. A special thanks goes out to Lovejoy for being awesome.

- - - -

Goo comes back from another Grand Canyon trip, and posts some photos of the mission. Wow.

- - - -

Melissa Laine Scotton is the cutest little things going. But, like all small, ferocious creatures, you can’t let yer guard down. This gal is going places. She’s a proud Delewarean with a lot of talent and a good drive. Check out her work and give the girl a job. Good luck out there, lady!

- - - -

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thi girl can help us for product?

Posted by: martino ... on 05/11/07 at 11:58 PM
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