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Heading up to Seattle today. Got some necks to ring up at C3. Marty and GP are in town from Italyville, going over all the books, so we thought it’d be good time to “shoot the shit” some, present some advertising, figure out some Pantones and let Gary bark the place up some. And that’s what we’ll do.

Plus, those Mariners are playing, and at 12:35 in the PM, I’ll be woofing down a hotdog with Baker, Lucky, Lily and little Mika. Pretty excited to see some big time pro ball.

- - - -

There isn’t much Chris Glass isn’t good at. Photos, graphic arts, desktop publishing, band recommendations, devouring a hunk of meatloaf, internet coding, screenprinting and Cincinnati hospitality. Quite a list.

I saw this great picture he shot of some walking ducks on his site, got all inspired up and made a duck of our own*, all the while, talking through some shenanigans with Jay Floyd. (*see above for said duck.)

- - - -

Even more brilliance over at Wire And Twine: The Momergency Kit.

- - - -

Real Good„: Chocolate nuts and bolts.

- - - -

What’s for lunch today?: One of these.

- - - -

It never ends: Snap-A-Party.

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glad you dug the lost america stuff. here’s a link that kinda goes with the chocolate stuuf , crazy cakes from russia . http://englishrussia.com/?p=851

Posted by: andrew on 05/03/07 at 8:53 PM
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