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May 03, 2007
Italian Stallion Gets Wild
Posted at 11:10 PM


Martino from Union was here. So was George. Lovejoy brought some bagels over one morning. Martino grabbed his, opened it up and said, “What is this? Bird food?”

Martino 01: “A question in broken english…”
Martino 02. “Feed me, you dumb American.”

A funny Italian. Ha.

The list of names we call Martino, around him, and behind his back:

01. Martino Fuma-chelli. (No translation.)
02. Turbo.
03. Super Sweaty.
04. He Who Buys His Electricity From France
05. Chuchi.
06. Marty. (Hates that one.)
07. So Good Up There. (With thick Tahoe accent applied.)

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