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Two years together.


Going coastal this morning. Got up early and got shit done so I could split the city. Bunch of Grenade warehouse dudes cramming into an van or RV or something and heading towards the coast.

Matt Kass challenged me last night at the 511 show at The Office.

“You man enough for Mancamp?” he says. And with that, plans were made.

Mark Phillips is going too, so, it’ll be good to have some Traverse City blood involved.

There’s a fella coming along that goes by the name, “Dark Forest.” Fucker looks like Dracula. The longhair version. Seriously. We’re talking some real Transylvania shit here, folks.

We’re gonna see some ocean vistas, go junking, hit some skateparks, get hammered, have a bonfire, sleep on the beach, throw the ball around for Gary, get swept out to sea by a leviathan and roast some marshmellows.

The last time these fucks went, a van was burned and left for dead in a foot of ocean water. Hmmm.

Expect a full report if we make it back alive.

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