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Had a good jaunt up to Seattle the other day. Smooth sailing all the way up until about exit 155 and everything went to hell. Bummed, sitting there, bumper to bumper with millionaires and Master Degrees. Went to C3, presented some stuff, split, and met up with Lucky and Baker for a Mariner’s game at Safeco field. Had a beer and a couple bites of fish and chips and watch the Mariners beat the White Sox. Felt a little bad for those Midwesterners. After the ballgame, went back to C3 to shoot some more shit with Brad from Coal. All good stuff.

Some Seattlling for y’all:

01. “On the way up, and we look through wet windows at some bridges.”
02. “Some wicked clouds outside the stadium.”
03. “Jeff Baker, on crutches. ‘Fucker ripped his achilles tendon showshredding. Ouch.”
04. “Lucky Lopez, rooting for the Padres, far away.”
05. “Mariners: 3, White Sox: 2.”
06. “A nice use of Futura Bold. Heck yes.”
07. “Always smiling: Jynn Hintz-Romano and “Styk” Styksal. Freedom fighters.”
08. “Leaving Seattle.”

- - - -

The absolute highlight of the last week: Seeing Willy read
from his new book, The Motel Life. Bravo, man. Turns out the guys from Babel read it and loved it, flew Willy down to big city Los Angeles and bought the rights to the movie right then and there. Awesome. Good for him.

- - - -

Dangerous ground, heretical, even: The Museum of Talking Boards. (Cory Grove, you had us at “Hey man…”)

- - - -

Some pretty serious Russian birthday cakes. Here’s our favorite from the mess. (Real good, Andrew.)

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Goddamnit, I sent you that Russian cake link first!

No that ‘s my husband grandad old place
dont put pictures of that on there!!
Only thing that blows is u
if you would not suck a dick you missed a golden opportunity!!

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 05/08/07 at 10:14 AM
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