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May 18, 2007
Massive Dinosaur Jr Riffage
Posted at 09:19 AM

The scene last night at the Dinosaur Jr show downtown at the Crystal Ballroom: Tons of revelers, hairy and sweaty, good and close to the stage, getting our hair blown back by the big fuzz of JLouMurph. So we’re in between songs, and people are yelling out requests. I yelled out something a little different.

I noticed the main crooner from Portland’s Music Arcade a couple heads over and yelled, “Muuuuusic Arcaaaade!” The gal looked at me with wild, confused eyes and then recognized me and gave me a big smile.

Then we shot the shit about her band playing the upcoming DDC Get-Together. Big plans. Fingers crossed. Coyle plays the skins for them. I need some more Coyle in my life. (Coyle, call me. Let’s go get some lunch, man.)

- - - -


BIG NIGHT OUT: Lovejoy called me a little after 8 0’clock last night and announced, “Dinosaur Jr. You are going.” Then those Kass’ swung by to grab me and off we went. Got downtown, parked, thought about going to see Dinosaur Jr as a kid, so long ago here in Portland. Turns out Lovejoy’s buddy was the roadie for the opening band “Awesome Color” and got Lovejoy and I on the guest list. So awesome. Thanks, man, thanks. Lovejoy, you had me at “Hey man.”

So, like champs, we missed the opening band. Rats. In no time JLouMurph took the stage and things got real loud, and, as I type this some hours later, my ears are ringing like a motherfucker. Like a big brontosaurus. A good, ripping set.

My favorite band from the years 1990-1995 was Dinosaur Jr. Hands down. Oswald got me going on “Bug” in 1989. Hooked. Instantly. Big and fuzzy and great. Bug is still one of my all-time favorites.

Thanks, fellas.

DinoNight 01: “J, Murph, Lou.”
DinoNight 02: “Matt and Nicole Kass: Dino fans.”
DinoNight 03: “Mascis and his Wall of Marshalls.”
DinoNight 04: “This guy video’d every song. Steady hands.”
DinoNight 05: “Lou.”
DinoNight 06: “Three radical 40+ year-olds.”
DinoNight 07: “A good icon spotted on the way back to the car.”

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif A bunch of old pencil sharpeners. Things were just better back then.

- - - -

Our new toy: A deadly Poulan Weedwacker.

“She ripped through this heart of mine,
like a weedeater with brand new line.”
-From “Perfect Far Away” by those Bottle Rockets, Festus, Missouri

There Are 3 Comments

Ears Ringing = HEARING LOSS!

Hearing Loss = Hearing Aids


This damage will build up slowly each time you go to a show and then as you get older, everything gets muffled and you’ll be calling me! I will bring out some material and make you some custom earplugs!

Posted by: Sarah on 05/18/07 at 3:25 AM

can i borrow your weedwacker? the yards getting crazy.. larry told me about your “tool collective” concept and im in..i just got a nice chop saw if you ever need it

Posted by: pinski on 05/18/07 at 2:09 PM

Rad you got to go see the Dinosaur. Man, J. is looking old. I remember seeing them with you at St. Andy’s Hall in 90-91. Good memories.

And I agreeā€“ down with the Home Despot. I had that same experience with some bathroom cabinets. They screwed up on my order, had to ‘send it back’ and re-order. All said and done, I waited a total of 44 days before I could install my cabinets. 44 days with my bathroom tore apart, no sink, brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink.

Support the little man, the local lumber yard and kitchen and bath store. You might pay a little more, but the service and good karma will pay you back. Damn the Despot.


Posted by: Eric Campbell on 05/19/07 at 7:28 AM
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