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May 07, 2007
Coast Wrap
Posted at 07:58 AM



Headed to the coast. Bunch of fellas. Bunch of animals. The RV stunk of feet, ass, armpits, gunpowder, lighter fluid, spilled beer, bearing grease and hate. This was before we even left Portland. Bunch of dudes: Kass, Jesse, Cole, Curtis, Dark Forest, Willis, Taylor and I, somewhat reluctantly.

Headed up to Astoria, the boys skated, we stocked up on provisions at a Safeway, found the ocean, plowed through berms down to it, set up shop, made a fire, got hammered, shot up shit with guns, lit shit on fire, got ran out by the rising tide, got stuck in the sand, got stuck in the sand again, got unstuck, made it off the beach through more berms, almost killed Taylor who was a little enebriated and talking nonsense, found a spot to turn off and slept hard.

Woke up, cooked breakfast, Kass and Dark Forest went fishing in a stream, rallied the troops and headed down to Lincoln City to skate the park there, had a BBQ, hung out and drove home.

Summer 2007 Coastal trip 1/4: An astounding success.

Some photos of the adventure:

01. “Going coastal.”
02. “The skatepark of Astoria.”
03. “Gearing up at a local Safeway.”
04. “Making friends in the meat section.”
05. “Taylor “T Bru” Brubaker, sober, thoughtful and nice.”
06. “An ocean.”
07. “The chaotic run down to the beach.”
08. “Dudes chilling for the camera.”
09. “Cole the Kid.”
10. “Jesse setting up shop.”
11. “A bikeride on the beach.”
12. “The launching of the crab fishing apparatus.”
13. “Making fire.”
14. “Kass cooking supper.”
15. “Fun with gas: A ring of fire.”
16. “Fun with a can of spray paint and a lighter.”
17. “A practical application.”
18. “Some coaxing.”
19. “Paint administered…”
20. “…as well as a carefully placed flick of a lighter…”
21. “…a lonely flame on a long stretch of beach.”
22. “A survivor telling me his story.”
23. “Glad to be alive.”
24. “Some graffiti.”
25. “Taylor, hammered, starting trouble.”
26. “Taylor “T Bru” Brubaker, hammered, belligerant and awesome.”
27. “A new morning: A coastal cliff.”
28. “Looking down the abyss, with a long way to go to the water below.”
29. “Curtis chilling in a tree.”
30. “Willis. Backside indy kickflip.”
31. “Willis over the hip at Lincoln City.”
32. “Heading back to Portland.”

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good to see you coasters doing your part to help the environment out there. keep up the good work.

Posted by: frank zuccini on 05/07/07 at 4:05 AM

You ramblers rock. I was there in sprite wish I could of really been able to go with you all. But hell there’s stickers to be made and rent to be payed so i may skate the day away. Tell the crew fuck yea and hail satan. dl out

Posted by: Langer on 05/08/07 at 2:12 PM
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