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May 21, 2007
Clammers Unite!
Posted at 07:29 AM

One too many “We’ll throw you on the grill if you don’t behave…” jokes about the upcoming shindig, and Gary gets a little revenge on us.

The little fucker threw up on the couch today, of which I sat in trying to take a break from the wildness, felt something wet, got sad and perplexed, stood up and stood in another little pile of puke on the ground. A double whammy. I was frozen in anger, unable to walk, unable to do much of anything. Gary just sat there, pissed and smiling.

- - - -


Been wild with Union projects. Spec mania, and, we’re proud to announce we’re down to a couple more out of 20 big ones. Phew. Real tired.

- - - -

BIG DAY IN: Turns out we scrapped the Mariners game up in Seattle. Chalk it up to being a little too swamped, some swamp ass, being too far away and Larry’s tone at 9am. Perk up, Larry. C’mon. Sorry, Baker.

- - - -

A whole bunch of hunting and fishing license tags, on the web by the folks at Drexel Antiques.

01. Let’s go clamming, man.

02. Way to go, North Carolina. So good.

03. I bought one of these in Louisville, which used to have a wolf problem in the ’70s.

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