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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 29, 2007
Mr. Machinery Operator
Posted at 07:35 AM


Doing some heavy construction around the house. Moving the studio back down to the basement, and adding a wall-mounted shelf unit on the “desk side” of the space. Some paint is going up. Some shifting of things. Maybe some carpet. Heavy dimensions. Heavy lifting. Heavy.

I called dad back in Michigan to get some advice. Mom answered and said, “Well, he’s outside in the pouring rain, hosing off his car. I don’t know about that guy.”

She dragged him in and we had a little battle over the proper techniques of “mounting shit to a wall” and “what sorts of screws to use” and other bits if so-called wisdom. In the end, the old man gave me some good tips, and, as soon as the new shelves are up on the wall, well, we’ll post some victory photos. Our content. Our battle. Our life.

- - - -

Went to a nice get-together over at the Lavecchia Ranch in North Portland late last night. Meghan’s 35th. What a gal. Just a block from Floyd’s house…I have to say, yer new house is “Real Good.” Way to go, newlyweds. Caught up with some Capozzi’s and a slim/trim/mean/lean/lethal Coulter, a Gubkin, then chowed down on some veggies and dip, shot some fireworks off into the night, all washed down with a cold PBR. Nice people. Nice house. Thanks for having us.

- - - -

The Stick Figure Warning Gallery. Heck yeah. Our favorite: Ouch.

- - - -

Some Shop Smith greatness.

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that’s a wild polish saw blade you got there. I like the backwards directional arrow best. that should make some smoke when cutting.

Posted by: derek d on 04/29/07 at 7:31 AM

Nice catch D. I’ll head over there to witness the blade in action.

Posted by: Rod on 04/30/07 at 7:15 AM
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