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Draplin Design Co., North America



Back home with the parents, reunited with Gary, and man, it feels pretty darn good. I missed him real bad. Sure, I’ve been challenged a number of times on tour: “How come he isn’t with you?” The answer doesn’t change: He’s better off with mom in Traverse City. She makes sure he get fed well, has dogs to play with, is loved, is watched over, has toys to chew to shit and gets taken out every couple hours. He’s in heaven up here with the parents.

- Gonna take some time off to regroup.
- Catch up on projects.
- Hang with friends in TC
- Catch up on lost sleep.
- Enjoy healthy meals with the folks.
- Wonder about the Apr.
- Dig on the Northern Michigan the best way we can.

We’ll be working all week long. Our pledge to our proud list of clients.

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