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Got up really early today to get a jump on the day, and get myself into downtown Denver to have some breakfast with my little sister Sarah. She just happened to be in town at at Audiology convention. We’re gonna bet there’s a lot of “hooking up” going on after hours at an event like that. One has to wonder.

A what couple of days she had. Sarah and her colleagues “drank every night.” Atta girl. I caught up with her real early, and thank god, she was stone cold sober.

404. “Sister Sarah.”
405. “Big S, downtown Denver, ready to get head West.”

On the way out of town, we took Wazee south down to Colfax and over to I-25 north. I always liked Wazee street, well, at least the walls of the buildings.

406. “Hardware.”
407. “Seeds.”

Rockmount Ranch Wear: Denver’s finest Western wear emporium. Serving all sorts of big movie stars and rockers and stuff. Jack Weil founded it, back in 1946. He’s 106 now. Awesome.

408. “Rockmount.”
409. “Jack wasn’t in yet.”
410. “Go by train.”

We got out of the city and split up into those Rockie Mountains. A route we’ve done a million times, it went by fast as hell, with that Frisco turn off coming up on us real fast. We kept going and had a good laugh about the good times we’ve had south of there in Breck and what not.

411. “Into that Eisenhower Tunnel.”
412. “A Gary nose, for good measure.”
413. “Passed up those Red Rocks real fast.”
414. “Whipping past Grand Junction, with Utah on the mind.”

Out of the Rockies and into Utah. Pulled off at an outlook, and took a little hike with the G-Unit.

415. “An overlook.”
416. “Gary at the overlook.”

Just before turning off I-70 on Highway 6, we took the Business Loop through Green River to see what the hell was up. Glad we did.

417. “The Sleepy Hollow Motel.”
418. “Flower detail.”
419. “Overheard: “Aw fuck it, this one’s coming with us. Gary, hand me the cat’s paw.”
420. “Arbor Cafe.”
421. “Ben’s Cafe.”
422. “A dead building in Green River, Utah.”
423. “A sad old motel sign, long forgotten.”
424. “Leaving Green River.”

425. “Somewhere desolate, Highway 6, Utah.”
426. “Some Utah.”

A quick pass through Price.

427. “Our time is your time.”
428. “The arrow club.”

And just a short while further, into downtown Helper.

429. “A big miner.”
430. “The Strand Hotel.”
431. “Hotel.”
432. “Hotel Newhouse.”
433. “The Rainbow Inn.”

Got up to I-15 some time later and ripped through the pleasantville of Provo, due north up to Salt Lake where I met up with J2 to crash at Big Mike Leblanc’s western ranch.

Went out wih Tooz and Deadung for a late night beer downtown at the Jackelope. Lots of SLC Hustlas and Hipsters. Mad respect, knowwhatI’msayin’? Had a good laugh and didn’t feel a goddamn thing after throwing back a couple 24oz PBR beasts. 3.2 beer, man. Panther piss.

Many thanks to J2 and Mike for the accommodations.

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Draplin, Thanks for posting the Utah pictures. I’ve had a hankering to go back home. Been five years since my last visit. With the Fam it’s a logistical nightmare. It’s always good to see folks travel through the little places like Helper and Price. Yep the good old days. Thanks again for the patches they were a big hit!

Posted by: Ian Geroux on 04/25/07 at 9:25 PM
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