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Left TC yesterday in the late afternoon and shot down to Kalamazoo. Straight shot. Smooth sailing.

Got up this morning, hit Paw Paw for five minutes, just because of Hoss, and kicked ass down around the horn, through Gary, with Gary, up to a lakeside town called, “Chicago.” Had some business to attend to there with those Coudal Partners. High level talks. Swap Meat piles. Handshakes. Offered a stoic, “Bye, fellas…” and headed south, cutting Illinois in half down the middle, all the way to St. Louis, which we passed up without incident.

Real tired. Drove all day. Made it about an hour into the “Show Me” state. 45 dollar room at the “Super 7 Inn.” Tired man from Pakistan checking me in. Tired Gary.

Some photos from the last couple days:

348. “Packing up.”
349. “The Land of Chmiel.”
350. “Proof we ventured downtown.”
351. “Salvage on the way out of town.”
352. “Open Saturday. Only.”
353. “650 miles to Sedalia.”
354. “Bridge over Hammond.”
355. “Gary navigation.”
356. “Up State Street.”
357. “A Wilco album cover.”
358. “Destination: 400 North May.”
359. “Jim shows me a beautiful print.”
360. “Altered stop.”
361. “Swap Meat treasures.”
362. “Captains of Industry: Sealed Deal.”
363. “Lots of Illinois.”
364. “Gateway to the West.”

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Our favorite Philly Cheesesteak, the honorable Andy Beach, sent us his new blog thinkgamajig: Reference Library.

It’s just getting rolling and man, is already full of treasures to ponder and savor and wonder about. Bravo, fellow Michigander.

- - - -

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif Tim “Pinski” Karpinski is talking a big game concerning his prolific usage of his Field Notes. “I’ve filled 17 books,” is what he had to say. Atta boy. Tim’s been real busy with wild art shows and sketchy chicks, and all of it is getting documented on our pages. Very proud to be of service to his whole deal. Tim’s a good customer, as are some of his colleagues, namely, Neefus, “Brown Belt” Levins and pitboss Matt Kasshole. It’s a wonder these cretins can even write. All of ‘em. Thanks, fellas.

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great state street shot
I just love seeing Chicago
missing the city


Posted by: kk on 04/19/07 at 6:33 AM

oh the bridge over hammond… did you happen to look over that bridge? pretty nasty stuff … I believe that’s cline avenue? trying to block that part of my childhood memory… icky.

Posted by: Natalie on 04/19/07 at 8:28 AM

I appreciate the shots of the hometown. Has anyone else noticed that they’re quietly changing the typeface on the Interstate Highways? That one for Paw Paw/Lawton shocked me, and I’ve seen random samples of this subtle shift all over the country. Too bad, the old typeface is amazing.

Anyway, the junk shop you show is/was called the Bargain Barn. In high school my best friend lived right next door to it and we spent some time exploring its weird treasures. I don’t think they do much business, looks exactly the same as it did 15 years ago. I’d like to think that that arrow made an impact on me during the formative years. My friend broke a window there once and got in trouble with the law over it. I’m curious to know which route you took out of town, if you passed that you were headed west on Red Arrow, did you pick up 94 at the next exit or take Red Arrow for awhile? Lots of memories on that road.

Posted by: Paw Paw Chmiel on 04/19/07 at 8:30 AM

I’d take Gary over a Garmin any day of the week.

Posted by: Digital Dave on 04/19/07 at 3:39 PM

Drive safe, y’all. Air conditioned, pants optional, vanilla box office space offered at 2440 NE MLK when you return.

Posted by: Vince on 04/20/07 at 5:59 PM
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