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Draplin Design Co., North America


A Quiet Sunset, Lake Michigan, Petersen Park, Northport, Michigan.

The sun sets on the Midwestern leg of this tour.

Many, many thanks to the following family, friends and colleagues back here: Mom, Dad, Gary, Toby, Zöe, the Costas, Derek, the Newhouse Clan, breath-of-fresh-air Leigh, Madeline, Linda, Natalie, Marek, Jeff, Bry, Chad, Cinti Renée, Coudal Partners, Yee Haw Industries, Yee Haw Kevin, Yee Haw Bryan, Dorothy’s Diner, Hoss, Ryno, Lolleyland, Petzold, Metro Area Detroit, the Coug, Coyle and those Portals at the Comet (!), Appalachia, the cruisers of Barbourville, the Dighton Dirties, the hag at the Magnolia Bar, a couple fine Waffle Houses along the way, the kid who recommended the Black Lips at the Bloomington record store and the old guy who almost shot me in Kentucky.

And of course, way out on the West Coast: Thanks to Lovejoy for being top shelf, Leah, Jacob, Ann Frank at Think*Plan*Deliver, Kass, Nicole, Andria, Mark Phillips, the Office, Office, Arlie, Styk, Paul Brown, Brad, George, Marty, Joe and Accountant John for being good to me on this tour.

345. “One last sandwich before hitting the road south.”
346. “One last monster bowl of mom’s chicken noodle soup.”

Got a busy summer ahead of us. Our clients: Coal Headwear, Union Binding Company, Snowboard Magazine, Grenade Gloves, Forum Snowboards, Re:volve Apparel Projects and, a Hula Hoop Company!

LITTLE_FIELD_NOTE_ICON.gif And man, don’t forget those Field Notes. Big news coming soon.

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