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Got lots of plans for the homestead this summer. First thing is to rid the place of my little sister Leah and her boyfriend Jacob. Good kids and all, but, ya gotta go. They are hard at work looking for a place in Portland. Godspeed, you little shits.

One of the things we plan on doing this summer is giving the house a new paintjob. Just before I moved in, they gave the place a new coat, and, what shitty job they did. It needs to be chipped, sanded and primed properly, and, that’s what we aim to do.

So we’ve been kicking around some color schemes:

01. “Fatigue” - “Fatigue Green” with “Gross Olive” trim.
02. “Carhartt” - “Carharrt Double Knee” with “Worn Elbow” trim.
03. “Welcome Hunters Orange” - “Eyesore Orange” with “Sunkist” trim.

- - - -

Cory “King of the Dawgs” Grove sent us a gift. Made our day. Thanks, man.

329. “Millmen’s Union 550 card.”
330. “The other side: Quarterly working card.

- - - -

Goddammit. Every now and again a link comes along and just ruins my day, in good way, I guess. This one put a real Kibosh on all festivities today and I got sucked into the glory of these beauties.

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‘painted a house orange once- couldn’t wait to paint it carharttish
i vote carhartt/ give ‘er some orange flowers.

Posted by: Principal Skinner on 04/13/07 at 6:57 AM

you should consider siding of some sort… we did the painting thing for years, and it’s just a pain in the pants. plus siding increases the value of your home… you know how us lazy americans love maintenance-free living!

Posted by: Natalie on 04/13/07 at 9:46 AM

Yeah, put some kool vinyl siding on there, instantly turns any noble building into “doublewide modular home”, from lowly shack to 6-BR McMansion. Fuck all that, I will disown you if you ever put vinyl siding on a house. Adds nothing except blight and a very cheap, sub-Walmart look.

I vote for “Welcome Hunters” orange, be “that guy in the neighborhood” with the loud house, every neighborhood needs one. I’m sorry to point out that your photoshop mockups aren’t very convincing, maybe need to go back and revisit “Color Modes/Adjustment Layers 101”. Not to bust your onions, but seriously, the mockups dont’ look much like the chip shown.

Posted by: PJ Chmiel on 04/14/07 at 1:56 PM

whoa… actually I was thinking about cedar shake siding, especially considering the climate in portland… knowing what one speaks of makes such a difference.

Posted by: Natalie on 04/15/07 at 5:37 AM
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