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Jim at Coudal sent me this link with a pile of amazing travel stickers.

We grabbed some of our favorites and threw them into a little collage (above) and thought we offer up a couple more, based on Jim’s surfing: Here, here and here.

Man. So good. What a world.

- - - -

Around the house:

321. “Toby waits for mom.”
322. “The Missing Link, spotted on Shorter Lake Road.”
323. “Hunger pains.”
324. “Chow time.”
325. “Still hungry.”
326. “Some trees.”
327. “Dad.”
328. “Sun.”

- - - -

COOP goes junkin’ and comes across an old tacklebox, tears the thing apart and shares the fishy contents with us. Pretty good stuff.

There is One Comment

Take a few pictures of the snow up there to share. I heard you guys got 8 inches of snow! Come on now, Mother Nature, it is the middle of APRIL!!!!!!!

Posted by: Sarah Draplin on 04/12/07 at 6:38 AM
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