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On the Indiana side of things, you’ll find the “Peddlers Mall.” Exit 2 on I-65 north outta Louisville. Pretty rough. A couple acres. “Booths” of just about anything and everything, yet, with this odd desperate air to the place. Spaces and spaces packed with items that are just…obsolete…and, valueless, for the most part, but, someone is hangin’ on to the stuff hoping it’ll sell. I usually love this stuff, but today, this one got to me and it got me a little down.

236. “The Peddlers Mall: Acres and acres.”

A cross section of what was up for grabs: Old cell phone covers. Sun-baked VHS tapes. Ab rollers. Country crafts. Rusty tools. The occasional “antique.” Stacks of old clothing patterns. Forgotten romance novels. “New” mattresses. Broken toys. Oh, wait, there was a couple booths full of “contraband” items like samurai swords, throwing stars, butterfly knives and these insanely scary automatic machine gun things that shoot little yellow pellets. Each sinister gun has a tiny little orange cap on it, this way, you don’t get shot when the fuzz pulls you over. Man.

237. “Ryno, some reference for yer “Rustic Type” library.”
238. “Wizard.”
239. “Anti-itch icons.”
240. “Perfect packaging.”

You know that garage sale that is just a couple tables of complete usless stuff, with some hopeful proprietor looking over it? Well, here’s a couple acres of it. I came out empty-handed, but feeling revived from the nice walk I took.

241. “Something that stopped me in my tracks, on the back of a big rig.”
242. “A brave spider, on the windshield, 100 yards from the hotel.”

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From Ben-O in the City of Angels: Mathew Brady, Civil War Era Photographer.

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Since a couple days back, we’re proud to report, we’ve sobered up from a particularly bad drunk on cheap Kentucky whiskey. We were piss-drunk when we cobbled together yesterday’s post, and upon guilty reflection, we need to denounce our vote for Knob Creek’s whiskey label. It’s a little too slick, and, misleading. But then again, ain’t that how this stuff works?

Darin Bendall got us to thinking, and then, we felt kinda dumb, so we thought we’d offer a retraction. Our apologies.

Bendall got us on the right track here, with this one, this one, and this one.

We found some beauties here and feel a lot better about this.

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Something we need. And this one too. Awesome. Damn.

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